Special Issue - Prayer

Pray As You Go

The following links will take you to the prayer stories of each individual.

Sheila Berry: Holy Trinity in Lenexa
Sheila Berry has found that cleaning houses is the perfect environment for prayer.

Joyce Burris: St. John the Baptist in Greeley
Confined spaces have often provided Joyce Burris the opportunity to enhance her prayer life.

Jan Combs: St. Patrick in Kansas City, Kan.
When she retired, Jan Combs wanted to improve her prayer life and exercise habits. She found she could combine both.

Laura Damewood: Prince of Peace in Olathe
Outside is where Laura Damewood feels most connected to God, so she uses her time outdoors to pray.

Patti Davis: Immaculate Conception-St. Joseph in Leavenworth
Patti Davis offers a blessing to every person she talks to.

David Downey: Queen of the Holy Rosary in Wea
David Downey discovered that running in the crisp early morning is the perfect time for prayer.

Rosario Downey: Prince of Peace in Olathe
Growing up in the Philippines, Rosario Downey developed a deep devotion to the rosary.

Lori Dulaney: St. Michael the Archangel in Leawood
The rosary was the staple of Lori Dulaney’s spiritual life for years, but more recently the Divine Mercy chaplet has become a cherished devotion.

Terri French: Holy Trinity in Lenexa
Terri French spends a lot of time on the road, which she uses for prayer time.

Linda Funk: St. Joseph in Nortonville
After the 9/11 attacks, Linda Funk began a daily trek from her home to St. Joseph Church, praying the rosary along the way.

Jim Garcia: Our Lady of Guadalupe in Topeka
Jim Garcia uses Facebook to gather prayer intentions from friends.

Gertrude Gibbs: Most Pure Heart of Mary in Topeka
After losing her husband, Gertrude Gibbs has found the cemetery to be one of her favorite places to pray.

Vicky-Taylor Hamilton: Our Lady & St. Rose in Kansas City, Kan.
It’s difficult for Vicky Taylor-Hamilton to pinpoint a time when she’s not praying.

Lynsey James: Divine Mercy in Gardner
After the death of her son, Lynsey James found visiting his grave and praying helped ease the pain.

Kathy Jaster: Immaculate Conception-St. Joseph in Leavenworth
Kathy Jaster uses the ordinary to grow her relationship with God.

Pat Klausner: Holy Spirit in Overland Park
For Pat Klausner, prayer is the first step she takes to help hurting women.

Aggie Knapp: Prince of Peace in Olathe
Aggie Knapp prays during the simplest of activities.

Eileen Knipp: Immaculate Conception in St. Marys
Eileen Knipp has dealt with pain all her life by offering it up to the Lord.

Patty Locher: Sacred Heart in Sabetha
Riding through the countryside on her horse gives Patty Locher time to sing to the Lord.

Georgine McHenry: St. John the Evangelist in Lawrence
Music soothes Georgine McHenry’s soul and fuels her prayer life.

Tim Meier: St. Theresa in Perry
After hitting rock bottom as an alcoholic, Tim Meier found strength in prayer.

Charlene Meiners: Holy Trinity in Lenexa
The great outdoors offers Charlene Meiners the perfect opportunity to enjoy nature and pray.

Raychel Lopez-Owens: Topeka Correctional Facility
Raychel Lopez-Owens re-discovered God in the unlikeliest of places — prison.

Mary Pickering: St. Patrick in Kansas City, Kan.
After the death of her husband, Mary Pickering found that prayer was a way to heal her grieving heart.

Debbie Price: St. Gregory in Marysville
For Debbie Price, gliding through nature on her bike is made even more peaceful by prayer.

Ray Reuter: Queen of the Holy Rosary in Wea
As a business owner, Ray Reuter finds ways to work prayer into his daily work routine.

Linda Riley: Holy Trinity in Lenexa
Linda Riley suggests that you turn off your car radio and pray.

Ida Schiffbauer: Cure of Ars in Leawood
Ida Schiffbauer learned that even when God says “no,” he’s still with us.

Kristin Schnetzler: Cure of Ars in Leawood
Kristin Schnetzler used to worry a lot. Now she uses that time to pray to the Lord.

Starla Scott: Sacred Heart in Tonganoxie
Starla Scott finds that running gives her “alone time” with Christ.

Ron Shirrell: St. Matthew in Topeka
After misplacing his wedding ring, Ron Shirrell turned to St. Anthony for help and was quickly rewarded. From then on, he was hooked on the saints.

David Steinlage: St. Patrick in Corning
Searching for answers after the death of his daughter, David Steinlage found solace in prayer.

Mark Walsh: St. Michael the Archangel in Leawood
With his daily schedule packed tight, Mark Walsh decided to double up on his physical and spiritual health by combining running and prayer.

Mary Ellen Wetter: St. Gregory in Marysville
With prayer cards in hand, Mary Ellen Wetter sends prayers out to the people in her life.

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