Special Issue – World Youth Day

Experience the journey of World Youth Day by clicking the individual stories below, and check out the photos on this page to see what life was like as a pilgrim in Poland.

‘All of us returned home changed’

‘If it’s anything but utter chaos, we’re good’

Father Wallisch keeps pilgrims’ eyes on the prize

Seminarian came prepared

Wadowice ‘offers a taste’ of what formed JPII

Deaf pilgrim ‘hears’ Mass for first time

Pilgrims carry the spirit of pilgrim who died before WYD

‘Pope of Mercy’ greeted with cheers, tears

Medical condition almost keeps pilgrim home

‘You find a new patience here’

Archbishop encourages discernment of religious life

Pilgrims bring a bit of Kansas to Krakow

One big, loud, crazy Catholic family

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