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The Body of Christ

by Beth Blankenship

As a general rule, I like to watch the news so that I know what is happening in the world and in the place where I live. I also want to know what the weather may, or may not be, in the next few days.

The news in the last few weeks has been devastating for so many people and very frightening in so many ways.

There are fires in the western United States, floods in Louisiana and the Zika virus in Latin American and Florida. There have been shootings and unrest between police and people of color for the last two years because of what has been, in many cases, unfair treatment by police.

There have also been the wars in the Middle East, terrorism around the world, and the earthquake in Italy.

Finally, the presidential campaign this year has been unlike any presidential campaign I have been alive to see, and nothing I ever expected to see or hear. There is nothing remotely nice or collegial about anything in the campaign. It has not shown the best of anyone in politics.

When I read or watch these news stories I have several reactions — all at once: how awful for those people; how glad I am it’s not my family; what am I supposed to do?

I think many people have the same thoughts and believe that those problems are not their responsibility.

As Christians though, aren’t we all responsible for each other? We are, after all, the Body of Christ.

Here are some suggestions:


Pray for each other, for everyone in need, every day.


Money, clothes you no longer need, food, money.


At a food bank, your church, or the charity or your choice.

In short, when in doubt as to how to react . . . act.

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