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‘Value Them Both’ is on the ballot — now what?

Chuck Weber is the executive director of the Kansas Catholic Conference.

by Chuck Weber

The struggle against the culture of death, including the powerful Kansas abortion industry, is primarily fought on a spiritual level. But not always. 

In two historic late January votes, the Kansas House and Senate passed the “Value Them Both” (VTB) state constitutional amendment for life. In the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas (and statewide), every Republican legislator voted yes. Every Democrat voted no. 

Kansas Catholics and other citizens will now have the chance to be heard at the ballot box. The choice is clear: Do we want unlimited and unregulated abortion in Kansas? Taxpayer-funded abortion in Kansas? Will we allow Kansas to be the “new New York” when it comes to abortion? These are the stakes.

The Kansas Catholic Conference — the voice of Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann and the other Kansas bishops — was front and center in helping pass VTB. This measure is crucial after the state Supreme Court discovered and declared an almost unlimited right to abortion. That horrific ruling means almost every pro-life law in Kansas is “presumed unconstitutional” and, in effect, unenforceable.

Few fully realize that abortion in Kansas is now virtually unlimited and unregulated in the wake of the Kansas court ruling.

Regulations and statutes requiring parental notification for minors seeking an abortion, informed consent for women and bans on taxpayer- funded abortions, and more, will almost certainly be overturned unless something is done.

That something is the “Value Them Both” amendment. The Legislature did their job; now, it is our turn. A statewide vote of the people on VTB is set for August of 2022.

There is much to do. The well-funded abortion industry has already started a campaign of deception and distortion.

Don’t be deceived. Here are just a few facts about VTB the abortion industry doesn’t want you to know:

• Every registered voter in Kansas is eligible to vote yes or no on “Value Them Both,” including unaffiliated voters or those not registered with the Democrat or Republican party.

• “Value Them Both” is not a ban on abortion, but a pro-life vote supporting regulations and laws that both save babies and protect mothers.

• The abortion industry will outspend us by millions of dollars — they’re hoping to buy this election.

We can prevail, but it will not be easy. The truth and sanctity of life and the value of motherhood is on our side.

Prayer, including the intercessory power of the rosary, is our greatest advantage. Archbishop Naumann and all the Kansas bishops have endorsed the Kansas Rosary Crusade (

Like Jesus’ earthly ministry, ours will be a grassroots journey. We seek to build the largest grassroots campaign in Kansas history. Come join us. To learn more about “Value Them Both,” go online to:

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