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Catholic schools are fortunately free to teach the truth

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Kathy O’Hara is the superintendent of archdiocesan schools.

by Kathy O’Hara

Dear friends of Catholic schools,

“Save yourselves from this corrupt generation” (Acts 2:40).

This verse from one of the recent daily Mass readings struck me. The Scripture says that Peter was “exhorting” the Jewish people after the crucifixion of Jesus. When they asked him, “What are we to do?” Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ, for the forgiveness of your sins; and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.”

The verse struck me for many reasons, but especially because I had just read an article by Suzanne Venker entitled “Dating 101: Film takes aim at America’s hookup culture and the death of courtship.” It highlights a film, “The Dating Project,” that will be released nationwide for one night on April 17.

The anchor of the film is Boston College philosophy professor Kerry Cronin, who noticed a lack of traditional dating on campus and began to study the current social culture.

Apparently, the film explores “bogus relationship ideals” with which young people have been indoctrinated, including “casual sex is both normal and good.” Venker concludes her article by saying that “the film ends on a hopeful note that things can be turned around.”

Sometimes, I feel like the little boy in the fable “The Emperor Has No Clothes,” because when I read about what is happening to turn our children away from what is not only morally but also scientifically true, I cannot understand why our society so readily accepts it.

So much of the gender ideology that is being incorporated into public school curriculum, social work and health care is not grounded in science. In fact, science refutes the ideology.

I wonder why no one is saying, “The emperor has no clothes.” Are we afraid of being accused of having no compassion? In the most bizarre twist of the truth, are we afraid of being “unchristian”?

This brings me back to the Scripture reading. I am so grateful that our Catholic Church continues to be guided by the Holy Spirit to proclaim the truth with joy.

I am grateful that our Catholic schools are free to teach and form our young people in St. John Paul II’s theology of the body.

We are free to teach our students that the church’s teachings are grounded in the self-giving love that Jesus demonstrated on the cross.

I am grateful that when our students are challenged in this culture, we can teach them to call upon the Holy Spirit for understanding and guidance, so that they will be able to lead lives of true love and joy.

¡Vaya con Dios!

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