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Column: Parents’ letters attest to what we strive for

by Kathy O’Hara

Dear friends of Catholic schools,

This year, I have received several kind letters from parents expressing how pleased they are with the Catholic schools their children are attending. I thought I would share some of their comments with you.

One parent described a situation after they enrolled their daughter, against her wishes, in one of our schools: “After entering the building [our daughter] was comforted by [teachers]. Their loving care and words of encouragement will always have a place in [her] heart. . . . During the school Mass, [another teacher] went out of her way to hug [our daughter] during the sign of peace. . . . [The principal] made many personal contacts with [our daughter], offering many forms of reassurance. All teachers and students were kind and caring; it took very little time for [our daughter] to love [her new school]. . . . What a gift for [my husband] and I to know that our daughter is in the care of such wonderful role models. These amazing teachers instill in her a sense of duty as a young Catholic woman. . . . [Our daughter] loves her Catholic faith and enjoys the way all the teachers infuse it into their daily lessons. . . . That makes her feel good about being Catholic.”

Another parent commented similarly about the staff at a different school: “A week ago, I was in the hospital for much needed surgery. On that day, our daughter … chose to go to school anyway. She informed us that [her teacher] was going to pray with her so she would be OK. After school that day, [our daughter] came to visit me in the hospital. The first words out of her mouth were, ‘Mommy, I knew that you would be OK. [My teacher] took me to the adoration chapel during recess and we prayed together.’ I can’t tell you what that meant to us. I had tears of joy in my eyes. This is why we send our children to a Catholic school. More important than academics or anything, we pray that our children learn of God. [This teacher] allows her love of God and our Catholic faith to shine through her onto these precious children.”

These parents express what we hope, pray, and strive for in our Catholic schools. While it is gratifying to read their accolades, we are not complacent. Each day we strive to do a better job of helping the students in our care come to know and love Jesus Christ.

Please pray for our staff and for all parents who must make decisions regarding the best environment for their children.

¡Vaya con Dios!

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